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Bios 4


Panel #4: Biographies


Danuta Mirka

Danuta Mirka is Professor of Music Theory and Cognition and Harry N. and Ruth F. Wyatt Chair in Music Theory at Northwestern University. Her main research interests include the theory and analysis of meter and rhythm and the study of musical communication in the late eighteenth century. She is the co-editor, with Kofi Agawu, of Communication in Eighteenth-Century Music (2008) and the editor of The Oxford Handbook of Topic Theory (2014), which received the Citation of Special Merit from the Society for Music Theory in 2015. Her books include The Sonoristic Structuralism of Krzysztof Penderecki (1997) and Metric Manipulations in Haydn and Mozart: Chamber Music for Strings, 1787–1791 (2009), which won the 2011 Wallace Berry Award of the Society for Music Theory. Her articles have appeared in such scholarly journals as The Journal of MusicologyJournal of Music TheoryMusic Theory OnlineEighteenth-Century MusicThe American Journal of SemioticsSemiotica, and The Musical Quarterly. Her article “The Mystery of the Cadential Six-Four,” published in the collection What Is the Cadence?(2015), received the 2017 Roland Jackson Award from the American Musicological Society. A former vice president of the Society for Music Analysis, Mirka has served on the editorial boards of Music Theory SpectrumEighteenth-Century MusicJournal of Music Theory and Music Theory and Analysis


Adem Birson

Adem Merter Birson is a musicologist specializing in the history and analysis of eighteenth-century instrumental music, especially that of Joseph Haydn. His dissertation (Cornell University, 2015) investigates the relationship between chromatic harmony and formal rhetoric in Haydn's string quartets, Opp. 9 and 17, a chapter of which was published in HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America (2014). A dedicated theory pedagogue, Dr. Birson has focused on galant schemata and the Italian partimento tradition as a tool for teaching modern music theory. He has published on this topic in the Online Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy (2017) and has presented at conferences in the United States and Europe.