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HAYDN Journal Spring 2017 Issue (Vol. 7.1) now available!

RIT Press and the HAYDN Society of North America 
are pleased to announce the release of the SPRING 2017  (Volume 7.1) issue of the
Online Journal of the HAYDN Society

Samantha Inman, “Trimodular Block Strategies in Haydn’s Sonata Movements.”

An investigation of exposition and recapitulatory strategies in Haydn’s instrumental music.

Clare McCaldin, “Haydn’s London Ladies: Thoughts on Creating and Performing a Program.”

Perspective on developing and performing a program of Haydn’s songs.

Rena Roussin, Book Review: Calvin R. Stapert. Playing Before the Lord: The Life and Work of Joseph Haydn.

This recent Haydn biography is written for a more general readership.

Volume 7.1 is now available to all subscribers via




Rebecca Marchand